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  • Lorin Petrazilka

Everyone has a story to tell

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

I always like to tell people who think they might like to write, they DO have a story to tell, even if they feel like so many stories have already been explored. It's true that there are millions of books in the world, new books come out all the time, it can feel like there isn't some corner not yet covered by someone else. "All the good ideas are taken!" How do writers keep coming up with ideas when there is so much content already available? Literature changes as we change as people, as new things happen in our society and as human evolution moves forward (or backward in some cases). New ideas are always out there. YOUR ideas. Though it's not just the sum of your ideas that can make your story unique, it is also your perspective, your identity, your heritage, the experiences you've had that combine to make a starting point which is inherently different from someone else's. Writing can be a cathartic and rewarding process, whether you chose to pursue publication or not, it's a great way to internalize things that have happened along the path of your life. And who knows, the combination of actual experiences filtered through the lens of a fictional story can equal an engaging book for readers that is steeped in something of substance, because it was born from something real.


I'm knee-deep in my current unannounced WIP, working toward a #CampNaNoWriMo goal. #NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing month, which is every November. April and July were added as "Camp" months, as a way to push through drafts and track their progress. This draft is a new paranormal romance series which I'm really enjoying and excited about, and I even decided to make a little Easter egg tie-in to my novella that I wrote for my last Camp goal. I completed Holiday Ascension during July Camp Nano and had so much fun establishing that world that I decided to make an adjacent series that could stand on its own. What I'm now calling W.N.M. is at almost 17K words and developing into something with some real thorns!


I binged book 1 of this series, Leviticus, and am now almost halfway through book 2, Levigator. Kallen Samuels does a great job of creating a unique science fiction world with well thought-out science that feels possible, concise in its descriptions (it's not confusing to read) yet doesn't overshadow the plot or characters with being heavy handed (a must for me). The main character is so intriguing, and the developing relationships both have me smiling and also wonder about their outcome with fingers crossed. Really a fantastic series that anyone who loves sci-fi should find space on their shelves for.

Find Kallen's books here.


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