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Signed Paperback Giveaway and Fantasy Book Fair

BOOK GIVEAWAY TIME! Just a few days left before the raffle for a signed set of paperbacks goes to one lucky subscriber! Book 1, the prequel novella, and Book 2 of the Vale Born series will be shipped to the raffle winner!

Sign up is easy, enter by subscribing by September 15th with the button below!

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Fair, Book Fair, Fantasy Book
Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Fair

Swing by this book fair hosted by yours truly! I have collected books I love, that are on my TBR, or recently discovered Kindle Unlimited finds, all in one place. Fair ends September 29th, so stop on by and check out something new for your list.


I've been hard at work on several projects concurrently, switching over when I need a break from one, or when I have an absolutely brilliant idea for another. I've enjoyed a flurry of writing progress lately, and I'm excited to announce that one of these thrilling new series will be coming out soon!


My first SciFi will begin releasing soon! This will be my first foray into Kindle Vella, it will offer readers a serialized episode format, with new chapters releasing each Monday. The first three episodes will be free! After completion, it will also be available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover. Another fun aspect of this series is that early readers on Vella will get to participate and help direct some elements of the story by voting in polls. Polls will be introduced in later episodes, and will remain open for two weeks after a poll episode is released. Subscribers to my newsletter will be notified when a new one is up! Once a poll is tallied, the following episode will be written as voted on by my readers. Come be a part of this lush space adventure!

It will have all the elements I love in a good space opera: the fight between good and evil, not one but TWO love stories, the fight for survival, as well as epic locations. I've completed over 25K words already.

Look out for the release at the beginning of October!

Wood Nymph Mercenary

I'm about halfway finished with the first book in this series, and wow what a fun ride! This is planned to be a set of long novellas/short novels, quick and fun reads with plenty of action yet not ignoring some great character development. Set in the Pacific Northwest, these paranormal fantasy romance action (okay, all the fiction genres!) stories are going to be engaging from start to finish.

Vale Born 3

Yet to be titled Book 3 in the Vale Born series is underway! It will be Lily's last in the series, though the it will continue on from other character's perspectives set in a future timeline.

VB3 will be a breathtaking adventure through Alternis, and give us all closure with a certain villain ... among many other aspects of this saturated storyline wrapping up nicely. Themes of family, coping with loss and trauma, rebuilding and moving forward are all undercurrents of this vast fantasy romance.

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