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Yoke of the Vale

Vale Born Series Book 3

In the climactic conclusion of the Vale Born series, a shocking murder of an Ignisfae dignitary thrusts Lily Brennanfalk into a vortex of political intrigue and danger. Lily discovers unsettling clues that point to Dashelle, the rival Vale Born hungry for Lily's power. With meager evidence, Lily is compelled to return to TerraIgni, only to find herself haunted by enigmatic dreams of the Maeder Tree, the creator of life in Alternis. The future of the realm is thrown into peril as Lily endeavors to answer who the killer is and why the Maeder Tree needs her help.

As Lily grapples with the weight of responsibility, she must unravel the mystery behind the murder and confront the looming threat to the realm. The journey forces her to question her own strength and purpose, pushing her to the limits of her abilities as she strives to rectify the injustices that threaten to unravel the very fabric of their world.


Vale Born

The Complete Series

Read the entire captivating Vale Born series, and get all four books for one low price.

Lily Brennanfalk first ventures into the Vale in search of her missing best friend, but what she finds is the adventure, and love, of a lifetime. Caught in the middle of a Fae dispute, Lily travels through Alternis and crosses paths with friendly or fearsome magical beings. Join Lily as she discovers what her place is in the world, and what she can do to bring change.

Fans of Sarah J. Maas's A Court of Thorns and Roses will love this sexy and thrilling adventure. Vale Born is a New Adult fantasy novel series.

Included in this box set:
Vale Born, Book 1 of the series
Plight of the Syrenni, Book 1.5, a prequel novella meant to be read after book 1
Pull of the Vale, Book 2
Yoke of the Vale, Book 3


The Zenith Decoy

Standalone Novel

A space adventure with intrigue, romance, royalty, and pirates who want to be royalty. The Princess of the Zenith Empire and her handmaid are captured by the Aeon Dynasty, a pirate organization looking for anyway to legitimize their claims.

Forced into an arranged marriage with the ruffian Prince Dax, Shandra and Jayna fight for their freedom while learning about the galaxy, about love and loyalty, and what it means to be a royal in a vast galactic empire.

Cowritten by Lorin Petrazilka and Laura L Hohman


Available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover

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Not So Silent Nights

A Collection of Holiday Novellas

Three novellas in one book with a fantasy twist!

If you love the holiday movie season and paranormal romance/fantasy stories, these are for you! We've spliced the two together to bring you these exciting, fun reads.

A Frost Bite by Laura L Hohman

Holiday Ascension by Lorin Petrazilka

Wings and Witchlings, co-written by Lorin Petrazilka and Laura L Hohman

Available in hardcover, paperback, and eBook

proudly published by

Raised in a rural town called Elfin Forest, magic and inspiration surrounded Lorin throughout her childhood. Fantastical stories permeated her existence, and eventually she started writing her own. An award-winning fantasy and science fiction author, Lorin loves weaving epic tales that retain human-relatable experiences with a kernel of truth. She believes the vastness of the human spirit can be explored through fiction, and through character-driven fantasy we can discover more about ourselves. Lorin can always be found with a book nearby, absorbing stories or crafting words of her own. She lives in Southern California with her husband and three kids, loves the outdoors, and is always doing something creative.



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