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Pull of the Vale

Vale Born Series Book 2

After a short return to visit her mother in her rural hometown of Black Oak Grove, Lily Brennanfalk quickly feels the Pull, an insistent demand that she return to the Vale. She had planned on going back anyway, since the Vale would not allow Rannoch—or any other Fae from the Vale—to leave its boundary. Lily knew she wanted a future with Rannoch, and to be together, that meant saying goodbye to her human life. What she didn’t know was that the Vale wouldn’t have let her stay in Black Oak Grove regardless of what she chose, and that Silvanis, Opius’s henchman, would be hunting her the moment she stepped back through the passage. 

Even with the threat of capture, it’s not enough to deter Lily. She decides to change things in Alternis, to change everything.

Pull of the Vale is the second full length novel in the Vale Born series, meant to be read after Plight of the Syrenni


Available in eBook, hardcover, and paperback worldwide

The Zenith Decoy

Standalone Novel

A space adventure with intrigue, romance, royalty, and pirates who want to be royalty. The Princess of the Zenith Empire and her handmaid are captured by the Aeon Dynasty, a pirate organization looking for anyway to legitimize their claims.

Forced into an arranged marriage with the ruffian Prince Dax, Shandra and Jayna fight for their freedom while learning about the galaxy, about love and loyalty, and what it means to be a royal in a vast galactic empire.

Cowritten by Lorin Petrazilka and Laura L Hohman


Available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover


Vale Born

Book 1

Desperate to find her missing best friend Josie, Lily Brennanfalk's hope is renewed when she picks up Josie's trail in the mystical world of Alternis. What at first is a magical escape to an unknown land and a chance meeting with a charming Umorfae, soon turns to a fight for survival as Lily finds herself embroiled in a battle between the warring Fae tribes.


Using her newly discovered magical ability, she makes a deal with a lethally attractive male that could save them both as she tracks down her friend...if it's not too late.


She must grow past her trauma and learn what it means to be Vale Born, if she is going to survive the treacherous perils of Alternis.

Fans of Sarah J. Maas's A Court of Thorns and Roses will love this sexy and thrilling adventure. Vale Born is the first in a New Adult fantasy novel series. Available now at your preferred bookseller. Hardcover, paperback, or e-book.


Plight of the Syrenni

Prequel Novella

After countless cycles of being an unwilling servant for the Umorfae in Lacausia Palace, Naiya Azal is finally doing something to change the fate of her Syrenni sisterhood. However, she has a problem, one she created herself. Her intrigue with Praetor Locrien—one of the Umorfae guards she is trying to subvert—has taken a turn. No longer just useful for information, the relationship has grown to something she’s quickly losing control over. 


Plight of the Syrenni is a Vale Born prequel novella, meant to be read after Book 1 of the series. Available now at your preferred bookseller. Hardcover, paperback, or e-book.

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Not So Silent Nights

A Collection of Holiday Novellas

Three novellas in one book with a fantasy twist!

If you love the holiday movie season and paranormal romance/fantasy stories, these are for you! We've spliced the two together to bring you these exciting, fun reads.

A Frost Bite by Laura L Hohman

Holiday Ascension by Lorin Petrazilka

Wings and Witchlings, co-written by Lorin Petrazilka and Laura L Hohman

Available in hardcover, paperback, and eBook


Raised in a rural town called Elfin Forest, magic and inspiration surrounded Lorin throughout her childhood. Fantastical stories permeated her existence, and eventually she started writing her own. An award-winning fantasy and science fiction author, Lorin loves weaving epic tales that retain human-relatable experiences with a kernel of truth. She believes the vastness of the human spirit can be explored through fiction, and through character-driven fantasy we can discover more about ourselves. Lorin can always be found with a book nearby, absorbing stories or crafting words of her own. She lives in Southern California with her husband and three kids, loves the outdoors, and is always doing something creative.



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