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printables and bookish projects

Free to print for you! I've had some requests for a color version of the map of Alternis, so I decided to make it available to all! Additionally I've done some projects here and there, and thought it would be nice to share with fellow book lovers. Enjoy!

These minibooks printables are from my own project I made for fun, and am sharing them with you! I detailed my how-to in a Youtube video you can watch with the button below.  Of course they include my books, but they do include other books from authors I adore. I have no ownership of these and am not selling the printables or the final minibooks in any way. These printables are for personal use only if you choose to print them.

Vale Born Chibi Bookmark Project

Fun and quick project for magnetic bookmarks! You'll need high quality paper to print on (I used photo paper) and magnetic tape. Using a cutting machine is optional (I used my Cricut Air to print then cut these designs)

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